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Repair and Maintenance Portland, ME
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Repair and Maintenance Portland, ME

If you’re looking for repair and maintenance in Portland, ME, look no further. GSM’s building repair contractors are here to provide broken window replacement, along with many other services. You can come to us with any of your property’s needs. And, we’re proud to keep our roof leak repair cost competitive! The areas we serve include:

  • Boston, MA
  • Marlborough, MA
  • Westborough, MA
  • Southborough, MA
  • Andover, MA
  • Danvers, MA
  • Ashton, MA

Our building repair contractors are experts in repair and maintenance. Don’t let damage go ignored! Each small piece of damage to your home works to decrease its overall value. Depending on the damage, it can also eat away at the structural integrity and possibly be subject to the building codes of your area. Give us a call today to figure out what needs to be done. Then, we can get started on a free estimate!

Roof Leak Repair Cost

Storms can be a massive problem for your property, especially in Portland, ME. Damage to your home can cause problems with the structure, leading to repair and maintenance. It can also damage your insulation. Any breach in the structure of your home could cause your heating bill to skyrocket. Don’t let that happen. Replace or repair damaged areas as soon as possible.

Even the smallest crack in a window can create a terrible draft. This can pull heat straight out of your home while inflating your heating bill. Don’t let this happen, especially during a New England winter. Our repair and maintenance professionals are ready to help. Call today to get started on your broken window replacement.

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Safety is one of our top priorities. Our contractors are bonded, meaning your property is protected. Bonded contractors have insurance on the property they’re working on. This protects against any unfortunate accidental damage. We’re also proud to have staff always in full OSHA compliance.

Broken Window Replacement

Damage to your roof can be scary. It’s such an important part of your home, and its status is tied to your property value. Once you notice damage to your roof, you’ll want to repair it immediately. Your roof leak repair cost will depend on several factors.

The severity of the damage is the most important. The overall size of your roof will matter quite a bit too. We can help you figure out exactly what you’re dealing with. Call us today for a free estimate in Portland, ME.

The repair and maintenance of your home are especially important if you ever plan to sell. Your property’s value is largely based on its overall condition. While there are plenty of different factors to consider, your roof is one of the most important. Always consider your roof when it comes time for some basic updates and repairs to your home. Give us a call for any questions on your roof leak repair cost.

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Building Repair Contractors

It’s never convenient to have repairs made to your home. GSM knows this, and we do our best to help. Some home repair and maintenance requires an empty property. But, it’s usually a hassle to relocate during the project. Thankfully, we’ll work with you to develop a schedule that will work for you. We want to make your job quick and painless, and that usually means getting you back inside as soon as possible.

When you have a broken window, replacement is usually the best option. It can be tempting to try and patch a quick fix, but this could hurt you in the long run. If there’s even a little space between the window and the frame from your repair, it may still be as good as broken. This little bit of space prevents a seal and will still allow the precious heat in your home to spill outside. Call a professional in Portland, ME! Get a free quote from the best building repair contractor!

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    thumb Fatima Nicole Fraga
  • review rating 5  Great company to work with. Excellent and professional work. They put a lot of attention to detail in what they do. Great construction company.

    thumb Fatima Nicole Fraga
  • review rating 5  Great company to work with. Excellent and professional work. They put a lot of attention to detail in what they do. Great construction company.

    thumb Fatima Nicole Fraga

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